"Reasons You Can Trust The Bible"

Examines biological evolution, Genesis creation, Noah's flood, and Joshua's long day from scientific and Biblical viewpoints. Lists many fulfilled prophecies. Discusses the Law, baptism, salvation, UFO's, extraterrestrials, the reliability of our Biblical manuscripts, occult topics, astrology, and mediums. The author believes what God says through his creation and through his word is always the truth. We should do our best with God's help to correlate together what God has revealed to us though both his creation and his word. It is not right to just ignore either what he says in his word or what he reveals through his creation.

1a) The Accuracy Of The Genesis Creation Account. Pro old universe viewpoint. Favors the overlapping day/age view.
1b) Why stars, Carbon-14, coal, oil, limestone, tar pits, and other dating methods point to an old universe, old earth, old life viewpoint.
2a) Biological Evolution and the Genesis creation account- are they both true?
2b) Was Adam the "protos," first man- in importance, or in time?
3) The Biblical Genealogies Were Known To Have Gaps.
4) Why I think Noah's "erets" flood occurred around 9,600 BC and ended in Turkey.
5a) Has Noah's ark been found in Turkey?
5b) The Surprising Scope, Timing, and Duration of Events in Noah's Flood.
6) The Easier to Understand Explaination of how God physically caused Noah's flood, Joshua's long day, and the shadow of the Sundial to go backwards. I am currently rewriting this article & will repost it when I'm done.
7) Noah's Flood - Was This How God Caused It?
8) What caused Mars and the Earth to change their distances from the Sun?
9) Prophecy In The Bible.
10a) The Trustworthiness of Our Greek New Testament.
10b) The Reliability of Our Hebrew Old Testament. 10C) The Unique Origin Of The Bible.
11) Jesus Fulfilled Many Old Testament Bible Prophecies.
12) As the Bible says, evil spirits are active in astrology, fortune-telling or soothsaying, mediums, the occult, etc.
13) How You Can Be Sure You'll Live With Jesus After Death!
14) How Do We Know Jesus Is Jehovah God?
15) Old Testament Sacrifices and Salvation; Baptism and Salvation.
16) How Did They Baptize In The First Century?
17) Share The Gospel Easily, Using Colored Felt!
18) A) Is Hell for an age (Greek aion, aionius) or eternity? B) Biblically is Reincarnation possible?
19) UFO's, Extraterrestrials, and Abductions - are they for real? The surprising identity of the Anti-christ!
20) Are the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit for today?
21) Some verses on anointing with oil and God's anointing.
22) Does fasting benefit Christians in the New Testament period?
23) Lessons I learned from my fasts.
24) Various Topics Demon Possession. How can I know if a desire is good or bad? Intersex Individuals. Guns. War coming to America. The Homeless. Tax and the Rich. Baptism where immersion seems impossible.
25) What did Paul mean by Psalm, Hymn and Song?
26) Visual Aids To Help You In Presenting "Reasons You Can Trust The Bible"
27) About the Author.
28) Four Lights An illustrated talk.
29) Good Nutrition For Better Health!
30) Links to other sites.
31) Wayne's Advice To Teens.
32) Security and Planning preparations for possible upcoming disasters.
33) According to the Bible, is homosexual behavior okay or is it a sin?
34) According to the Bible, is it a sin to have sex with someone your not married to?
35) When does a person get their spirit?
36) To My Muslim Friends by Wayne
37) Suggested Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
38) Wayne's Advice To Parents.
39) Questions For Jehovah Witnesses.
40) Questions For Mormons.
41) Quick Overview of Major World Religions.
42) The Earth's precession & spin as it relates to Joshua’s long day around 1400 BC and the sun and it's shadow going backwards 10 marks around 701 BC.
43) Some of my Beliefs in Bullet Form.
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