Why I think Noah's "erets" flood occurred around 9,600 BC and ended in Turkey.

Intro: For a long time I thought the flood waters destroyed all air breathing life on earth, except for those in the ark. That view has problems. I now believe the flood, at the minimum, filled the land of Turkey up with water. As 1st Samuel 30:16 shows sometimes "the whole earth" or "all the earth" can refer to a country or land area. The word translated land or earth in 1st Samuel 30:16 is the main one of the two words used in Genesis when talking about the extent of Noah's flood. Either Hebrew word "erets" or "adamah" can refer to a country, land, or earth. In the New Testament "world" from "cosmos" can refer to world in a narrow or in a broad way. John 12:19 is an example where it was meant in a narrow sense. I also don't think the flood was caused by an overflowing river or why build an ark? Why not just move yourself and the animals to higher land? I think the flood covered the tops of the mountains Noah was able to observe.
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Note: Various mountains and other visible parts of the earth were covered by water in the past. However, they were not all covered by water at the same time! Different areas of the earth were covered by water at different times.
(1) Why were many caves with drawings and movable art made by man, blocked around 10,000 B.C. to 12,000 B.C. "Images of the Ice Age" by Paul G Bahn. Page 56. Third paragraph down. I think many of the caves became blocked due to the flexing of the earth's crust as Mars caused crustal tides in the earth, around Spain & Turkey, etc. (It's possible the date is off some.)
(2) Did Noah's "erets" flood cover the whole Earth or the whole land? "Erets" and "adamah" the Hebrew words normally translated Earth in our English Bibles when talking about the flood can also be translated "country" or "land." I believe "erets" and "adamah" are better translated land when talking about the area the flood covered. But I also believe the flood probably affected the whole Earth.
(3) How much of the Earth was covered by flood waters when Noah's flood occurred? I see two possibilities.
A) Primarily Turkey, and of course the area on the opposite side of the Earth. I think this idea is correct if Mars made about 2 and 1/4 very elliptical geostationary orbits around the Earth before Mars was pulled close enough to the Earth that it reached escape velocity. The Bible tells us the ark landed in the mountains of Ararat. The mountains of Ararat refer to an area, not necessarily Mount Ararat. At that time, Mars was not over Turkey. Mars was over the part of the Earth that was bulging out. Turkey was part of the Earth that was sunk in some. However, the waters of the oceans, particular the Mediterranean Sea flooded over the mountains of Turkey as the waters sought to level out. Then, after Mars reached escape velocity it proceeded on, leaving the Earth. The waters from the oceans returned back to the oceans, except for the flood waters that were trapped in Turkey which is surrounded on all sides by Mountains. Eventually, Noah found himself in the ark inside a big slowly leaking bowl we call Turkey. He proceeded to record his captain's log from inside the ark in Turkey. He noted that it rained for 40 days and nights.
B) A great deal of the Earth, if Mars made between 40 and 150 very elliptical geostationary orbits around the Earth before Mars was pulled close enough to the Earth so it reached escape velocity. Genesis 7:11 says the fountains of the great deep (the oceans) and the windows of heaven (the sky) were opened on the 17th of the 2nd month. Genesis 7:12 says it rained for 40 days and nights. Genesis 7:17 says the flood was on the earth for 40 days. Genesis 7:24 says the waters prevailed for 150 days on the earth. Genesis 8:1 says God made a wind go over the earth and the waters subsided. Genesis 8:2 says the fountains of the deep (the oceans) and the windows of heaven (the sky) were stopped. Genesis 8:3 says after 150 days the waters were abated or decreased. Genesis 8:4 says the ark rested (probably moored via anchor according to David Fasold in "The Ark of Noah") on the 17th of the 7th month. That was 150 days after the start of the flood. I believe we know the approximate landing point of the ark but where was the launching point of the ark? Was the ark launched from Turkey, Spain, or perhaps Tiahuanaco in Bolovia in South America? I first heard of the idea the ark's lifting off point may have been Tiahuanaco in Bolovia in David Fasold's book, "The Ark of Noah." I think Mars made 150 orbits around the Earth before the gravity of probably Jupiter, in this case, finally pulled Mars close enough to the Earth that Mars reached escape velocity. According to this idea, the orbit of Mars around the Earth wasn't exactly geostationary. Thus the flood waters and the ark gradually moved Eastward or Westward from the ark's launching point to its resting (mooring) site in Turkey. Gilbert de Jong presents evidence from Plato and other sources that Bolovia and a series of Islands between Asia and South America were destroyed in 9600 BC. You can read what Plato wrote about Atlantis by clicking on page 2 of Timaeus. Tablet eleven of Gilgamesh by John Gardner and John Maier describes the flood Utnapishtim survived by using a reed-wall house to construct an ark. Utnapishtim's flood story includes a dove, a swallow, a crow, and a plant eaten to make the old young again. Atlantis has more interesting evidence about the possible location of Atlantis in Bolivia in South America. Tiahuanaco and the Deluge contains information about a preflood(?) settlement under the lake near Tiahuanaco, a 290 day preflood calendar, and a small satellite that orbited the Earth causing many solar and lunar eclipses every year. You can read more about this in "The Calendar of Tiahuanaco" by H. S. Bellamy and P. Allan. I disagree with much of Hoerbiger's Cosmological Theory.
(3) Why is the oldest know town dated around 6500 B.C. in Turkey? (First paragraph under History.)
(4) Why are the oldest farming communities in Europe dated by radiocarbon as around 6200 B.C. and younger? "European Prehistory" by Sarunas Milisauskas C 1978 by Academic Press, Inc. Page 47.
(5) Why can't we date the flood using the Genesis genealogies? Because the Bible shows us there are gaps in the Biblical genealogies.
(6) It's interesting that Professor Alexander Tollmann, a geologist, also thinks the flood was around 12,000 years ago. However, he thinks a large comet hit the earth. He points to two discoveries to back up his claim. Like Patten, he thinks part of the ozone layer was destroyed at the time of Noah's flood. As Patten points out in his book "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch", and his video "Cataclycism From Space 2800 B.C." Ozone in earth's upper atmosphere shields life on earth's surface from the destructive short wave radiation coming from the sun. However, any ozone in our breathable environment is very toxic and causes extreme loss of longevity.
Before the flood men lived about 900 years. After the flood men only lived about 70 years. The longevity of the patriarchs before the flood many have been caused by a plant. How so? The ends of our chromosomes are capped by telomeres. Normal cells cannot divide unless their telomeres are long enough. Normal aging reduces the length of a chromosome's telomeres. Eventually, the telomeres become too short for the cell to recognize them. Then the cell dies without being replaced. The enzyme telomerase, when coded for by the cell, helps keep and restore telomeres to their proper length. Before Noah's "erets" flood this special plant many have supplied or activated the enzyme telomerase. It could also be there was a plant that supplied compounds like CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, etc. After the flood, this plant may have become more scarce and thus less eaten, until the use of it finally stopped.
It seems it is also possible for a severe enough impact to abruptly bring about winter and an ice age.
You can read more about Professor Tollmann's evidences and idea at http://www.nando.net/newsroom/ntn/health/042296/health11_25615.html.
There is an article by Flavio Barbiero which presents some evidence that 11,600 years ago some astronomical catastrophy happen that caused our last recent ice age and the Magnetic Poles of the earth to shift. "The FLOOD" Appendix B and "The Curse" Appendix A have more scientific evidences supporting the idea that Noah's Flood occurred around 12,000 years ago.
(7) Why did many animals especially in North America but also in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia become extinct around 9,000 B.C. Did many of these larger animals, including mammoths and sabor toothed tigers, die off as the result of a sudden ice age which occurred around 11,600 BC? Maybe so, maybe not. There is a good article at Talk Origins on "Ice Core Dating" by Matt Brinkman. Concerning the Antarctica, Paul Heinrich has written about the Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 and the Phillip Buache Map of 1737.
(8) Glenn Morton reveals the entire geologic column is found in proper order at 24 different locations. Glenn, a Bible believing Christian, examines this evidence, and shows Noah's flood covered the whole "erets," land or country, but not the whole earth. However, Glenn doesn't think the flood was in Turkey. You can read where and when Glenn Morton believes Noah's flood occurred. That informations about 3/4 of the way down the article.
(9) According to the Hebrew text Noah's ark may have been covered with "gopher ets" reed stalks which were evidently covered primarily with magma or lava which probably had pumice, and natrons or salt compounds in it. This evidently resulted in a type of cement covering which was very strong, light, and waterproof. The VHS video "The Ark of Noah" shows a section of this covering which was found near where some think the remains of Noah's ark are 17 miles south of Mt Ararat at the base of Al Judi. This section looks like it has the ribs of stalks inside it. Since the reed stalks were once living I suggest these reeds be dated by a radiometric dating method like carbon-14. It should be easy to determine if this is a hoax or if it might actually be a section of siding that covered Noah's ark. The radiometric date of the reeds if not a hoax should help us to determine when Noah's flood actually occurred. Would someone who is an expert in this arrange to have the reeds inside one of these sections dated by carbon-14? The "Ark of Noah" by David Fasold covers exactly how the ark was probably built with the bundles of reed stalks in great detail. Dr Thor Heyerdahl oversaw the construction of two reed boats in 1969-1970. In his first reed boat he and his crew sailed almost 3000 miles while his second reed boat sailed over 3000 miles. Lake Titicaca in Bolovia has floating totora reeds which some use to make reed boats.
In closing this article I would like to direct you to "The Flood Is Found" by D. Laing at Mysteries of the Bible. D. Laing believes geological evidence for Noah's "erets" flood has been found in the Black Sea Basin, which dates the flood at around 5,500 B.C. "The Flood Is Found" is a very informative and thought provoking article. However, I currently think the flood was around 9,600 BC It may also be possible that Noah's flood occurred around 9,600 BC and another flood occurred later around 5,500 BC. Also, Glenn Morton has an article titled, "Why the Black Sea is not the Site of Noah's Flood."Remember you can read where and when Glenn Morton believes Noah's flood occurred. I'm linking to these articles because we are after the truth of when and where Noah's "erets" flood occurred.

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