The Biblical Genealogies Were Known To Have Gaps.

A close study of the Biblical text shows us there were gaps in 
the Biblical genealogies. I believe the original writers and readers 
of the Bible understood and knew the genealogies were correct but 
incomplete. "Primeval Chronology" by William Green first brought 
this to my attention. By the way, by Wayne Mckellips. Last updated 16 Dec 
2000. Please copy and share but do not sell. You do not have permission 
to mirror this article or site on the Internet.

Matthew 1:8 tells us that Joram fathered Uzziah. However, in 1st Chronicles 3:11-12 we find that Joram fathered Ahaziah, who fathered Joash, who fathered Amaziah, who begot Uzziah who was also called Azariah. To see that Uzziah was also called Azariah compare 2nd Kings 14:21-22 with 2nd Chronicles 26:1-2.
Matthew knew most of his readers would know Joram was the great, great grandfather of Uzziah.
Matthew 1:11 says that Josiah was Jeconiah's father. However, 1st Chronicles 3:15-16 tells us that Josiah fathered Jehoiakim, who begot Jeconiah. Matthew's original Jewish readers understood that Jeconiah was descended from Josiah.
Why did Matthew leave these various ancestors out of his record? Matthew wanted a genealogy record that was symmetrical. He wanted it divided into 3 groups with 14 generations in each group. So following an understood and accepted custom Matthew left out various ancestors of Jesus as he saw fit.
In Matthew 1:1 we easily see that Jesus was the son of, that is, descendant of David, and Abraham.
In Genesis 46:18 we find that Zilpah bore 16 persons to Jacob. How many babies did Zilpah herself physically give birth to? Just two, Gad and Asher. Genesis 30:9-13. However, Zilpah bore to Jacob: sixteen descendants. Genesis 46:16-18.
Canaan, Noah's grandson, begot several nations according to Genesis 10:15-18. Naturally Canaan begot the ancestors from whom these nations eventually came.
In summary:
Matthew 1:8. = Joram fathered Uzziah. HOWEVER: I Chronicles 3:11-12 = Joram fathered Ahaziah who fathered Joash who fathered Amaziah who fathered Uzziah also called Azariah. Descendents Matthew left out = (Ahaziah, Joash, Amaziah) Uzziah (Azariah) 2 Kg 14:21-22. 2 Chr 26:1-2.
Matthew 1:11. = Josiah fathered Jeconiah. HOWEVER: 1st Chronicles 3:15-16 = Josiah fathered Jehoiakim who fathered Jeconiah. Descendent Matthew left out = (Jehoiakim)
Genesis 46:18 = Zilpah bore 16 people. HOWEVER: Genesis 30:9-13 Zilpah actually only bore 2 people. Gad & Asher. She bore the rest through Gad and Asher.
Genesis 5:18. = Jared was 162 when he fathered Enoch. QUESTION: At 162 did Jared begat Enoch OR Enoch's forefather?
ANSWER: It's probably impossible to tell from the text which interpretation is correct in this specific instance. Although the genealogies are accurate and representative, I don't believe Moses or his contemporaries viewed them as being complete. Moses never used the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 to date anything. Why didn't Moses or some other prophet use the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 to compute how long ago the creation of man or Noah's flood occurred. Probably because Moses and the prophets knew the genealogies had gaps and were thus incomplete.
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