Visual Aids To Help You In Presenting "Reasons You Can Trust The Bible"

Visual Aids to make your presentations of all or parts of "Reasons You Can Trust the Bible" more interesting. Please do not sell any videos you might make of "Reasons You Can Trust The Bible" by Wayne Mckellips.
By the way, Copyright 1998-2001 by Wayne Mckellips. Last updated 17 June 2001. Please copy and share but don't sell. You do not have permission to mirror this article or site on the Internet.
Using colorful dry markers on a large dry marker board helps keep people interested. You can drap a felt blanket over it as needed, to hold your felt figures.
Read Genesis 1:1
When was beginning? A) 17 billion years ago. B) 180 million years ago. C) 20 thousand years ago. D) 6 thousand years ago. (Suggest you briefly share evidences for antiquity of universe and earth.) All 4 creationists believe Adam's rib+God= Eve! God=\Physical. God= Spirit! You= created in Spiritual & moral image of God.
Read Genesis 1:2
Read Genesis 1:3,5
Black felt earth with black felt circle around the earth. Replace black felt circle around the earth with two dark blue felt circles. Then replace black felt earth with dark blue felt earth.
Read Genesis 1:6-8.
Remove inner dark blue felt circle around the earth leaving a space between the dark blue felt earth and the outside dark blue felt circle around the earth.
How long were days? A) Yom= 12/24 hours long. Eveb= evening. boker= morning. B) Yom also= an age, epoch, period of time. Days may have been overlapping. Eveb also= start, beginning. Boker also= finish, ending.
Suggest you read Genesis 2:4,19. 2nd Peter 3:8. Psalm 90:5b-6. Yom+ #'s 2 & 3= years. Hosea 6:2. For some church fathers yom= 1000 years. Read Psalm 19:1-2.
Read Genesis 1:9
Cover part of dark blue felt earth with brown felt land.
Read Genesis 1:11,13
Cover brown felt land with green felt vegetation.
Read Genesis 1:14-16,19.
Replace dark blue felt circle around the felt earth with a light blue circle.
Read Genesis 1:21,23
Put some felt whales, fish, birds, etc, on the board.
Genesis 1:24,26,27,31, and 2:7,15,20-22. 1st Corinthians 15:45a.
Humans have 1000's of DNA errors in common with other primates in the same DNA locations. WHY?
1) God put them there= progressive creation. Question= Why would God do that?
2) Via special creation of each kind from ponds filled with genetic material. Questions= How could the genetic material, not protected inside a cell, have survived for 540 million years? How can this account for 1000's of common DNA errors between humans and other primates at the same DNA locations.
3) God made Adam either directly or indirectly from dust. Ultimately, we are all made from dust. Ecclesiastes 12:7. God made Eve from Adam's rib. Remember, dust sometimes refers to living bodies. Genesis 3:19. Genesis 18:27. Numbers 23:10. Ecclesiastes 12:7. Also remember, that all life forms ultimately are made from "dust," that is, the elements. Then, God made Eve from Adam's rib. God, of course, is the author and creator of all life.
4) God made the first life forms via genetic filled ponds until about 540 million years ago then he let evolution take over except for the special creation of Eve from Adam's rib.
God made Adam. When? If representive= perhaps 40,000 years ago. If first man=120,000 to 280,000 years ago. Perhaps even 6 million years ago if Glenn Morton is correct. God + Adam's rib = Eve.
Write: Genesis 1 = overview of creation. Genesis 2 = details of creation of humans. made= can be translated "made" or "had made." planted= planted or had planted.
1st Break: I suggest you give everyone a break here before moving on to Noah's Flood.
The Flood & Joshua's long day: Flood extent= erets & adamah= covered the whole land, country, or earth. Examples of astronomical catastrophics in our solar system: Felt Saturn with white icy rings. Felt Uranus with rings. Felt planet breaking up into the asteroids after being pulled apart by a larger planet probably Mars. Vesta a white felt icy asteroid. Give Saturn and Uranus each a white felt icy satellite. Felt Halley's comet with its very elliptical orbit. Felt Jupiter and Io with a red arc of electricity from one to the other. Put some felt rivers on Mars then remove them. Add a big felt bulge to Mars then remove it and talk about its other side. Put two long irregularly shaped satellites around Mars.
For this section remember all the planets orbit ccw around the sun. Mars currently takes around two earth years to make one trip around the sun because it travels further. However, I think its orbit used to be much more elliptical and that the short end of its elliptical orbit used to pass close to the short end of the Earth's elliptical orbit.
Felt Mars, Earth, Moon and Sun. Show Mars circling the Earth two and 1/4 times. Show huge felt wave filling Turkey. Felt electrical sword-like arc between Mars and the earth.
Use light source, and roll of paper towels to demonstrate how the Sun appeared to stand still or even go backwards in the sky.
2nd Break? You may need a break here.
For Noah's ark you might just show a quick drawing of it and briefly explain what the video about Noah's ark covers. I would mention 1) the size of the ark. 2) Gopher ets can mean reed stalks. 3) The remains of the ark may have been found in Turkey. 4) Review some events Noah evidently recorded from inside the ark.
You can use a chart on a poster board to cover the Genesis genealogies or you can let them read it for themselves.
Here's my suggested charts:
"Genealogies = correct but incomplete." = Title chart
Matthew 1:8. = (Chart #1.) Joram Uzziah I Chronicles 3:11-12 Joram Ahaziah Joash Amaziah Uzziah (Azariah) 2 Kg 14:21-22. 2 Chr 26:1-2.
Matthew 1:11. = (Chart #2.) Josiah Jeconiah 1st Chronicles 3:15-16 Josiah Jehoiakim Jeconiah
Genesis 46:18 = (Chart # 3.) Zilpah= 16 people. Genesis 30:9-13 Zilpah= 2 people. Gad & Asher.
Genesis 5:18. = (Chart # 5.) Jared= 162 = Enoch. Question= At 162 did Jared begat Enoch OR Enoch's forefather?
3rd Break: About time to give the people a break don't you think?
The Jews and Palestine: Brown star = baren land, scattered Jews, etc. Green star = fertile land, returning Jews, etc. Jericho: Man toy doll with hair painted grey = older son. Man toy doll with young colored hair = younger son. Babylon: Dolls hand = Babylon fell night man's hand wrote on the wall in Daniel. Jerusalem's expansion: Map of Jerusalem with order numbered. Don't take a long time going over this. The City of Gaza: Doll's Bald head. Edom: A Rock. Tyre: A tire. The Golden Gate of Jerusalem: "Sorry We're Closed" sign. Bodies Destroyed While Still Standing: Skeleton All Mankind Destroyed: Home made "STOP" sign. Jesus will stop or abruptly end those days. An Army of 200 million. Two large if you can find them toy soldiers.
You can do a fun review using these objects.
4th break. Come on. Aren't you getting tired too?
Show home made manuscript and use chalk or marker board as applicable.
Have a short review when done.
5th break.
Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled: Genesis 3:15: Toy snake. Genesis 22:18: Large seed Genesis 49:10: "For Sale" sign. See Genesis 37:26-27. Psalm 16:10: Clothe's pin. Psalm 22:1,6-18: Stuffed lamb = Notice this is right before the 23rd Psalm. Psalm 34:20: A Dog's play bone. Psalm 69:21: Jar of Vinegar. Psalm 118:22: A cement Block. Isaiah 7:14: "Mary" picture or toy. Isaiah 9:6-7: Name Book = Who would name their child God or Everlasting Father? Isaiah 11:10: Picture of many Gentiles or one's church family. This verse is mighty proof that Jesus is the Messiah. Don't the Gentiles flock to him? Isaiah 53:1-12: A Cross. Micah 5:2: A Crown. Zechariah 9:9: A toy or stuffed Donkey. Zechariah 11:12-13: A bag of Silver. Malachi 3:1 A jar of Honey = John ate.
Hold another fun review using your visual aids.
6th Break.
How You Can Be Sure You'll Live Forever With Jesus After You Die! This might be a good time for you or someone else to give their personal testimony. Then present the Gospel message. Use chalk or marking board as appropriate. Invite people to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
You can obtain many of these visual aids cheaply from friends, dollar stores, yard sales, thrift stores, etc,. Sorry, but I can not lend or sell any of my visual aids.
The fun use of these types of visual aids makes it possible to give a talk on any of the subjects covered in "Reasons You Can Trust The Bible" to adults and kids as young as 8 years old. Let them hold the objects. Do fun reviews! Make your talk interesting and fun. Ask Questions. Get one or two kids from the audience to help you with the visual aids. For example, my son stands on a table and I have the snake bit his heel then he crushed the snake's head with his foot. When going over fulfilled prophecies in a small class of kids I let each child hold an object when I'm done with it.
Keep it simple. Don't get too detailed. Don't feel you have to cover everything. Practice your presentations before you actually give them. Dream up some of your own interesting visual aids.
Why not offer to present all or some (perhaps one short lesson> of "Reasons You Can Trust The Bible" to local clubs, and groups, as well as church groups.
Why not give your testimony when you come to "How You Can Be Sure You'll Live Forever With Jesus After You Die!"

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