UFO's, Extraterrestrials, and Abductions - are they for real?

UFO's, Extraterrestrials, and Abductions - are they real? Can a Bible 
believing Christian believe in UFO's and extraterrestrials? Is it possible 
for a Christian to have been abducted by aliens from another planet?
According to the Bible who is the creator? God. Who created everything 
visible and invisible? God. If there are extraterrestrials and if they have 
visited, and are visiting our planet who made them? Jehovah God - the God 
of the Bible. I think God probably did make life forms on other planets and 
there is pretty good evidence that we have been and are being visited by 
some of them. Do they know God - the creator? Although I'm not sure, I 
believe they do know God. I am sure, God knows them! John 1:1-3. 
Colossians 1:12-16. There is a very good article on the invisible 
objects the Air Force of Mexico detected with their advanced 
infrared radar in March of 2004 at earthfiles.com. 
How were the Dogon people of Mali able to know the Sirus star system had 
three stars many years before scientists discovered the stars? 

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I believe the world is a little bigger and a little more complex than we used to think it was. The Sun, the stars, and all the planets do not revolve around the Earth. The Earth is not flat. The Earth has existed for billions of years. In fact, our star is only one of over two trillion billion stars in the visible universe. That's a 2 followed by 21 zeros. The Milky Way Galaxy is only one of over 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Why do I say the visible universe? Because our visible universe has only existed for around 13.7 billion years, so light has only been able to travel that long. No matter which direction we look into outer space, from Earth, we can't see further then 13.7 billion light years. In fact, the stars we see 13 billion light years away ceased to exist billions of years ago with many of them being replaced with much newer stars. On top of that, I believe there are thousands or millions of other physical universes besides the physical universe we live in. I think these physical universes, all created by the God of the Bible, are spherical and surrounded by some kind of barrier. They can only be detected via out of body travel. Now, back to our universe, there are stars further then 13.7 billion light years from us but we can't see them because their light hasn't had time to reach us yet. How far in miles is 13.7 billion light years? Light travels over 5.8 trillion miles in one year. So it's over 80 million trillion miles. Humanoids appear to have existed for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. Millions of angels who follow God occupy our air space and millions of evil spirits who are in rebellion against God are constantly trying to get us to choose to follow Satan in sin, death, and hell. Now, on top of all that, it seems we are being visited by beings from other planets. Some ET's may be from the 4th planet of Zeta 2 Reticuli. It appears their spacecraft can go from zero to thousands of mph in seconds. Zeta Reticuli is around 220 trillion miles from us or 37.5 light years away. If the ET's from Zeta Reticuli traveled at 100,000 mph it would take them over a quarter of a million years to reach the Earth. If they traveled 100,000 miles per second, it would take them almost 70 years to reach us! The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second. They must travel close to or even over the speed of light! But isn't it impossible to go faster than the speed of light?
In The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say at http://www.ldolphin.org/vanFlandern/gravityspeed.html I learned there is evidence the speed of gravity is at least 20 billion times faster than the speed of light. However, another scientist has evidence the speed of gravity waves is the speed of light. I believe it might be possible both ideas are true. It is possible that gravity is felt almost instantly while gravity waves travel outward at the speed of light. A few things to consider. I started thinking about the speed of gravity when I realized our sun is orbiting the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at around 200 km/s while it takes the light from the sun around 8 minutes to reach the earth. Yet the earth orbits the center of where the sun is currently at, not where it was 8 minutes ago. Also, when doing orbital mechanics equations one always calculates a change in one orbital body as instantly affecting a different orbital body. Lastly, I recall scientists noted an area in our Milky Way that had a number of stars that were traveling in a straight line. Why? It was determined these used to be binary stars but one star in each unique group had gone super nova leaving the existing star without an anchor. So it began traveling in a straight line. How soon? Did it begin to travel in a straight line as soon as it's binary star disappeared or was it several hours later when the light from that star would have ceased to arrive? If we are looking at a binary star system and see one of the stars go super nova and disappear we should then see if the remaining star begins to travel in a straight line almost immediately or a few hours or minutes later.
Regardless, it is possible ufo's can travel a lot faster than the speed of light. How? At his web site http://www.ufonasa.com David Sereda explains in very simple terms how a ufo could travel the speed of light or faster, if its mass was zero. I believe he also explains in greater detail in his books how the mass of ufo craft and its occupants might be changed to zero. His theory explains why some ufo craft seem to just disappear into another dimension. His theory also explains why some ufo craft, like the ones recently seen in Mexico, by the Mexican Air Force, are invisible to the eye but visible to advance infared.
I think the ET's have learned how to, when desired, make their crafts effectively invisible to gravity . I think they have also developed several different types of propulsion systems for their vessels. I believe our government within a government in the USA has back engineered and built several UFO type craft. Recently, Nov 6, 2002 CNN had an article about the army using a laser beam to shoot and destroy a speeding artillery shell. How would any army on Earth today defend itself against someone who had vessels that could fly over 10 thousand miles per hour, disable a ship's or plane's electronics, and attack or destroy incoming bullets or missles with laser beams? Perhaps you even know someone who claims to have seen a UFO. I do and I believe him. I see no reason not to.
If you see a UFO accelerating or turning at G forces that would kill any humans onboard, don't be alarmed. God made them as sure as He made us. If you see some aliens from another planet, don't panic, remain as calm as possible. Their technology might be way ahead of ours, but they appear to be just as mortal as we are. I wouldn't recommend shooting at them as their technology, including their ability to wage war is still way ahead of ours. Also, if they had wanted to take over our planet they could have defeated us years ago. If your one of the people they are in the habit of abducting don't let it get to you and ruin your life. Remember, nothing and no one, not even a being from another planet, can separate you from God and his love. Romans 8:35-39. If God wanted to, he could stop the extraterrestrails, at any time. Like Job we need to trust God. He is in control. He is not surprised by anything that is happening. We should pray God will keep the advanced war technology of the ET's away from evil people and evil governments. Whatever the intent of the ET's, and there may be more than one group of them, with different intents, things will unfold just as the Bible has predicted. God is not the least bit surprised or scared by the nonearth aliens.
Should we believe whatever the extraterrestrails might tell us?
Are you kidding? I wouldn't. They are probably a lot like us. Partly good and partly bad. Partly truthful and partly dishonest. As much as possible, we should judge the honesty, truthfulness, and trustworthiness of each individual within each nonearth alien species on his or her own merit. I think some ET species are fairly good and some are not very nice. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but God is the only one I trust 100 percent. Just because a being from another planet says something, that doesn't make it true. It doesn't make it false either. Like you do with people, take what is said with a grain of salt and check out what they say. It is possible the ET's will lie saying things like, they seeded us and we are their genitically manipulated offspring, to try and manipulate us. There is evidence they have implanted devices in various body parts of some humans. I assume these are location, viewing and listening devices.
Will aliens from another planet have anything to do with the antiChrist?
I think its possible the Mahdi or coming Muslim Savior and supreme leader of the Muslim world may well arrive in a UFO craft and be either fully ET or half ET and half human. But, I don't know. In "God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible" Walid Shoebat makes an excellent case that the AntiChrist will be the supreme leader of the entire Muslim world. Walid points out that all the nations attacking Israel in the Biblical last days are Muslim nations. The Caliph or leader of the Muslim world was in Turkey for around 1400 years. However, that office was abolished in 1924. There is good evidence that office will soon be revived. Many muslims believe the Mahdi or long awaited Muslim savior will soon return and reinstitute and assume the Caliph office in Turkey. I use to read Biblical end time prophecies from a Western perspective. I think there is some evidence that the antiChrist and perhaps some individuals associated with him may be either full or part ET. It seems Rabbi Simon Altaf formerly Mohammed Altaf and Walid Shoebat wrote the now out of print book "This is our Eden, This is our End" years ago.
Remember the Bible says the antiChrist will, in time, persecute the saints of God. Daniel 7:21-22 reads, "I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; Until the Ancient of days came, and judgement was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom." Daniel 7:25 says, "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall (Pael) wear out the saints of the most High." Pael may mean the antiChrist will constantly mentally harrass God's followers. I believe the anitChrist will also physically harrass and kill many Christians in the Muslim nations in the East.
To learn more about the possible or probable very soon upcoming deception to be brought by some ET's go to http://sidroth.org. Then click on television. Next click on Archive of past shows. Then click on April 1, 2013 Part 1 by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. Then watch Part 2 on April 8, 2013. Walid Shoebat has a great youtube video on his teachings at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbKgxh2JivI or you could type in Walid Shoebat End Times Today part 1 on youtubes search bar. Let no one deceive you. Jesus was and is not some physical ET. ET's from other planets have physical bodies and they can physically die. Spirits like angels do not have physical bodies although they can appear as humans. John 4:24. Luke 24:39-40. Genesis 18:1-19:24.
What does 666, the mark of the antichrist, refer to?
I suggest you go to http://sidroth.org. Then click on television. Next click on Archive of past shows. Then find 7/16/2012 on Walid Shoebat and watch it. Then find 2/15/10 on Joel Richardson and watch it. 666 probably refers to Bismillah worn on the forehead and or arms of Muslims. Bismillah refers to the Islamic creed. Mixed or mingled in Daniel 2 can also apparently mean Arab. Walid Shoebat is the author of "God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible" Joel Richardson is a contributor. James J. Jackson has a good review of the above book at http://www.evenatthedoors.com/islamendtimes.html
Who is the mystery Babylon in Revelations? Probably Saudia Arabia.
No matter who you are friend, or what you've seen, or what's happened to you, God loves you. God does care about you, and if you'll repent and trust in Jesus as your Savior and Master, and ask him to, He will forgive you of all your sins and come and live in and with you. No one and nothing will ever be able to separate you from God or from God's great love as long as you continue to cling to Jesus. Romans 8:35-39. 1st John 4:4. 1st John 5:11-13.

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