Security and planning preparations for possible upcoming disasters.

Security and planning preparations for possible upcoming disasters. What I've read ( and heard has lead me to believe the mainland of the United States will be attacked by China, Russia, and six other countries. I believe the war will last around seven months and we wont win until our political, military, religious, etc., leaders, and our nation repents and turns to the God of the Bible and His son Jesus for Spiritual and Physical salvation. Some problems (in the Tidewater Virginia area) we will need to overcome or what we will need: 1) Potable water and sanitation. 2) Food. 3) Shelter. 4) Communication. 5) Defense and Security.

Possible Solutions: 1a) Potable water. The enemy would likely quickly and easily destroy our potable water and sanitation facilities. A temporary solution is to supply Emergency water to the Tidewater residents by quickly placing big water pipes directly into the ocean. Ocean water could be pumped directly through the potable water system. Residents would have to solar distill this ocean water to produce drinking water. Heres how! Residents could place a small heavy cup in the center of each of several pots and pans. Then they would put a half inch or so of ocean water in the bottom of the pot or pan. Then they could cover the tops of pots and pans with clear plastic making sure to put a small rock on top of the center of the clear plastic and also making sure no air could get in between the top of the pot or pan and the plastic. They would put these pots and pans out in the sunlight. The sun would heat the ocean water. The sun would evaporate the water causing this water minus the salt to rise to the bottom of the clear plastic and slowly slide down to the dip in the center of the pot or pan dropping off from there into the waiting cup. Soon the cup would be full of clean salt free drinking water. Ten pots would produce ten full cups of clean drinking water. This could be done several times a day producing lots of drinking water. Things other than pots or pans could be used. Residents could later be taught to build even better solar distillers. The enemy will no doubt destroy our petroleum producing facilities. So in a few days there will be no trucking, no gas, etc., However, we will still have the sun. The pumps to pump the water from the ocean into the potable water system, etc., could be ran by solar power strips. The cities in the Tidewater Area should invest in emergency back up solar power strips and battery systems that could run these pumps day and night. If the sewage cleaning facilities are destroyed, raw sewage could temporarily be pumped out into the sea. If this could not be done, Latrine Trenches like were used in WW2 could be dug in each subdivision to hold raw sewage. The solid sewage should be separated from the liquid sewage. It would be good for people to store up extra drinking water, food, buckets, bags, digging tools, etc., A police officer or military person, etc., could be placed in charge of each subdivision. The latrine trenches would have to be dug by hand or a digger that could run off of solar power if solar power strips with battery systems were available. If solar power strips are unavailable one might be able to use wood and a steam type engine setup.

1b) Sanitation. There will be no grid electricity nor will you be able to go to the store and buy any kind of detergent. Have plenty of hand soap, dish soap, and cold water clothes detergent stored up. You can wash your clothes by hand quickly and easily using the Wonder Washer from It currently cost $42. Then you can hang your clothes on a clothes line either inside or outside your home. I currently use Household Essentials 30-Line Parallel Dryer, with steel Arms that I purchased from Walmart for around $66. I put the center post through the center hole of two tires I bolted together through a couple lugnut holes. I used some CV pipe and white duct tape so the center pole would be tight and not wobble. Bigger tires like truck tires instead of automobile tires from the junk yard will make the umbrella type line even less prone to tip. Since we still have electricity, I also use the clothes spin dryer from which cost about $145. Have bleach on hand to help sterilize your drinking water if necessary. To sanatize your water for drinking boil it for at least one minute if possible. If you can't boil the water then if it is cloudy filter it through clothes to remove as much impurities as possible. Then add 1/8 tsp of bleach or 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water stir and leave sit for at least one minute before drinking. Bleach will kill some but not all bacteria in water. I saw where they put water in small water bottles and sit them in the sun for a day. It seems the sunlight kills a number of bad bacteria in the water. I got the above information from a couple other sites.

2) Food. With no trucking, communities would quickly run out of food. I will show you two ways to quickly and cheaply prepare food for each person. First, Soak two ounces of whole raw beans for eight hours in a cup or so of water. I think Whole dry green peas are the cheapest. Then pour the water out. This removes the gas producing product. You can skip that step if your hungry. Put the beans or peas in a pan. Add six ounces of whole raw grain to the pan. I like whole oats grain. Whole oats have an amino acid score of 81 while hard red winter wheat has an amino acid score of 52. An amino acid score of 100 or greater indicates a complete protein like eggs. Oats are a little low in lysine. Add water. As a general rule, it's two parts water to one part grain. Put a lid on the pan and bring it to a rolling boil. Since our electrical grid will almost certainly be down, Id suggest using solar power strips with a battery system or wood, coal, propane, even dried cow pies (manure, any manure will do) etc., to heat the pan up to a rolling boil. Pour the contents into a good (steel lined like an Alladin) thermos, or if desired another pan. If using a pan put it into a hot box. A hot box is simply a container lined with reflective foil which is lined and covered with blankets. In the thermos or hot box the hot water, beans and grain will continue to self cook for six to eight hours at which time it will be around 32 ounces, fully soft and cooked and ready to eat. One can cook for many people using more beans and grain. This food is fairly complete and uses very little energy to prepare. It can be supplemented with fish from the ocean. A few dollars can feed one person for many days. 50 pounds of whole rye or wheat can be purchased for around $50 dollars. Whole oats are about half the price of whole wheat and about twice as nutritious. However, if one buys thousands of pounds of whole wheat on the commodities market, bushels only cost a few dollars. This would need to be purchased and stored ahead of time. The distribution would have to be worked out before the disaster. I was told and believe this Tidewater area will experience up to three floods. Some areas will be completely flooded. One would not want the grain and beans stored in an area that might be flooded. A tall Alladin thermos retains heat better than the shorter wide mouthed Alladin thermos. However, the food is harder to get out of the taller, smaller mouthed Alladin thermos. Try to have as little air as possible between the hot water, grain and beans and the lid of the thermos or pan. A second way to prepare the above food after you've presoaked the beans, if you want to soak them, is to pour the soaked water out. Then add new water to the beans and boil them for 30 minutes. Then add your whole grain and any spices and vegetables you want to add to the beans. Boil the beans, grains, vegetables, and spices another 15 minutes. Serve and eat when it's cool enough to eat. I learned this second way to prepare this food from Judy Price my Christian sister and mentor. As soon as salt is added to the beans they can no longer absorb any more water. Warning: uncooked grains and beans contain enzymes that are toxic to humans! Sufficent heat helps to deactivate the harmful enzymes in grains and beans. Unlike birds, humans do not have a stong digestive enhancing gizzard. Combining grains which are low in Lysine together with beans or peas which are low in a different amino acid results in a complete protein.

3) Shelter. Residents could probably rely of their own homes, apartments, etc., for their shelter. However, we will probably have millions of people coming into this area as they flee from the invading military, North and South of us. We should first ask people to open up their homes to the needy. 2nd we should open up public buildings to the needy. 3rd we should look at purchasing emergency tents for the needy and make arrangements for where these tents could be set up, like parks, farmers lands, etc. These tents cities would need potable water and sanitation facilities. Water pipes could be laid on top of the land. If needed steel, or wood, or cement structures could route any military traffic over the water pipes. These tent cities might also need doctor, dental, police, etc., facilities. Tents can be made from large tarps supported by wood or plastic poles. Sleeping bags can also be made from tarps and blankets.

4) Communication. Bicycles. Runners. Codes using drums. Here is a quick drum code modified a little from a communication code American pow's invented and used. They divided the alphabet up into 5 groups. I suggest 6 groups. One Drum = A, B, C, D, E. One Drum followed by four drums = D. Two Drums = F, G, H, I, J. Two Drums then five drums = J. Three Drums = K, L, M, N, O. Three Drums then one Drum = K. Four Drums = P, Q, R, S, T. Five Drums = U, V, W, X, Y, Six Drums = Z. Seven drums could mean start. Eight drums could mean stop. The DNA code, which is very efficient, has its own codes which mean start and stop.

5a) Defense. All rifle, and gun bearing individuals could be asked to report to the military officer or police officer in charge of each subdivision or tent city. That way the head military person in charge of security, defense could quickly organize and get any additional help he or she needed.

5b) Security. I recommend you have all metal entry doors and secure them with something like Strike Master Pro 2 from This is around two pieces of 4 feet of hardened steel that is screwed through your door frame into the 2 by 4 your door frame is attached to with very long screws. The hinges are also secured using very long screws. The door bolt and dead bolt both go through the 4 foot metal bar making it apparently impossible to kick your hopefully metal door open. I also recommend long dead bolt bump resistant locks like Kwikset or Schlage, etc. You might want to consult a locksmith for their advice and help. This is because most door locks can be opened quickly and easily without a key. I also recommend good window bars like the kind sells. Window bars must be installed in accordance with local regulations. Be sure one can quickly open them and leave in case of a fire, especially from a bedroom. You might want to legally secure a gun, pistol, or shotgun. Be sure to obey all laws in this regard. Be sure to get proper training and practice in their use. Be sure to store them properly, that means lock them up, when they are not on your person. Children are experts at finding hidden things. They like to pull triggers. Every gun even an empty gun is loaded. Never put your finger on the trigger if the gun is pointing at anyone or anything you don't want to shoot. Never point a gun at anyone or anything you don't want to shoot. Never shoot anyone unless it is to immediately protect someone from death or from grave bodily harm. Generally, you cannot fire a warning shot. In my opinion your property is not worth someone's life. In my state, the law does not allow you to shoot someone just because they are making off with your property, however, I believe, you could tackle them. Verify you know the person on the other side of the door before unlocking and opening the entry door. I suggest you have exterior screen/window type doors and keep them locked. I also suggest you install and use door viewers or view ports on your metal entry doors.

By Wayne Mckellips 5-29-2009. Last updated 1-11-2016. Feel free to copy and distribute this article for free. You may post this article on the internet. You may also link to it and any of my articles. Thanks.