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Demon Possession - even of very young children

I believe even little children can be possessed by evil spirits. It is not the child’s fault. I became more aware of this while reading the book “Practical Psychic Self Defense” by Robert Bruce Copyright 2002. I am not gifted to tell when someone is or isn’t possessed by a demon. However, God has believers in Jesus today who are baptized in the Holy Spirit and anointed to cast out evil spirits in the name of Jesus. If you think your child might be influenced by or possessed by an evil spirit you should follow up on that thought. Contact nearby Pentecostal, Charismatic churches until you find one your comfortable with that has individuals gifted and experienced in recognizing demon possession and casting out evil spirits. Don’t give up. Pray, praise and pray. Read, study. Educate yourself. Keep looking and searching until you find the help you need.

Here are three other things to consider. I recently read Daniel G. Amen’s book, “Change your Brain Change Your Life.” His nine year old godson and nephew Andrew was brought to him for treatment. He had been having thoughts about killing himself or others for a year and a half. He had attacked a girl for no reason. He drew hanging pictures of himself. Dr. Amen decided to scan Andrew’s brain using a SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) machine. The scan revealed Andrew had no left temporal lobe. Instead a cyst was where the left temporal lobe should have been. Dr. Amen got Jorge Lazareff at UCLA a pediatric neurosurgeon to operate and remove the cyst. Dr. Lazareff noted he had removed left temporal lobe cysts from three other kids who had also been aggressive. After the surgery Andrew went back to being his old sweet self. Dr. Amen also has a talk called "The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans."

A vertebra pressing on the Occipital nerve that goes to the brain stem can cause memory loss, severe vertigo. audio and visual hullucinations, and occassional headaches that start in the front of the head and wrap around to the side of the head and last 4 to 5 seconds or so. A forced chiropractic adjustment can stop the vertebra from pressing on the Occipital nerve.

Bruce Fife has some very helpful books detailing the destructive role of a low immune system brought on by uncontrolled glucose levels and or teeth and gums infected with various bacteria, viruses, germs, etc. He recommends oil pulling or swishing several minutes a day. He also recommends a diet that is high in ketones (using coconut oil) and very low in carbohydrates. Apparently, a high ketone low carbohydrates diet was used for diabetics before insulin was discovered. "Stop Alzheimer's Now," and "Stop Autism Now," by Bruce Fife contain a lot more information on oil pulling and this diet.

What about Ghosts, individual's traveling out of their body, Demons, Angels, ET's.

Most of the following in this section, is just my opinion. I might be wrong or right on some or all of it. It is just my opinion.

Normally, when people die they return to God for judgement then on to a place of reward or judgement, perhaps correction. However, it seems sometimes people hang around on earth for a while. I've read accounts and talked to people who have seen ghosts, that is the spirits of dead individuals. Most people cannot see ghosts however some people can see ghosts and even communicate with them. If I saw a ghost and could communicate with them, I'd tell them to go to a close by place where they conduct funerals and wait for the light to appear. When the light appears they should go to the light as that is God and is the next step in their journey.

If a ghost, or a demon, or an individual having an OBE, or an ET, was bothering me then I would command them to leave me alone, in the name of Jesus. I'd also outloud sing praises to Jesus, thanking him for his cleansing blood, his salvation, his protection, etc.

If a spirit gave me a message but I wanted to test the spirit to be sure it was an angel from God I would ask it, "Can the blood of Jesus cleanse me from all my sins."

This article is Copyrighted by Wayne Mckellips 2010-2018. Last updated 9/13/2018.

Love, Obedience and Unity

A Christian is to love and obey God first, and he/she is to obey their church leaders. Matthews 22:37-39. Acts 5:29. Hebrews 13:17. If practicing or speaking out about my believes would cause division in a church I would either be quiet or I would find a different church to attend. Ephesians 4:1-32. I want to be careful to not use my liberties or nonessential understandings to cause division in a Church, or to cause another Christian to stumble. 1st Corinthians 14:33. 1st Corinthians 8:1-13.

How can I know if a desire or thought is good or bad?

Here is one way. Just ask yourself the following question. If I did in real life what I’m thinking about or imagining doing would it be okay or would it be a sin? James 1:14-15. Matthew 5:28. There are unlawful desires (often called l*u*s*t*s) and there are good and lawful desires. In the New Testament the Greek work (epithymia) (Strongs number 1939) appears as (l*u*s*t*s) in James 1:14-15 and Matthew 5:28 where it refers to unlawful or sinful desires. However, (epithymia) appears as desire in Luke 22:15 where it refers to a good desire Jesus had. First example, if your thinking about robbing a bank that would be a sin, because stealing is a sin. Exodus 20:15. On the other hand, if your thinking you’d like to get a job. Open an account. Put money in your account. Sometimes make withdrawals from your account. Maybe even eventually get a loan from your bank. Would it be okay it you actually did that? Sure. Ephesians 4:28. Second example, if your thinking about or imagining yourself having marital relations (s*e*x) with someone outside of marriage that would be a sin. Right? Why? Because if you actually did what you were thinking about or imagining doing it would be a sin. Since according to the Bible it is sinful to have marital relations (s*e*x) with someone your not married to. 1st Corinthians 6:18. Galatians 5:19. John 4:16-18. However, if your thinking about getting married and having marital relations (s*e*x) with your spouse would that be a sin? Does God, generally speaking, want us to desire marriage and the privileges of marriage? Genesis 1:22,28. Genesis 2:24. Proverbs 18:22. Hebrews 13:4. By the way, I heard or read the testimony of a man who said he was viewing a (p*o*r*n*o*g*r*a*p*h*i*c) event on the internet when suddenly God caused him to smell the terrible smell that brought to God's nostrils. He said it was horrible. That ended his viewing of (p*o*r*n*o*g*r*a*p*h*y). Gary Wilson gave a talk explaining to the audience why internet porn is so addictive and some of the surprising problems it is causing. Surprisingly, thousands of individuals are joining groups to help them stop looking at porn because of the harmful effects like depression, OCD, ED, anxiety, etc., their internet porn viewing is causing them. This might be a good video to show your preteens and teens, and talk about afterwards. This article explains what causes the tremendous cravings common in all addictions. Here is a great technique to use regularly and immediately to quickly eliminate any sudden cravings for any unwanted addiction. Christian Shelley Lubben, used to be a p*o*r*n star. She details the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that business causes their stars. She also has a video on her site about many of the "stars" in that business who have been murdered or committed suicide. We need to remember God is holy. To enjoy God's presence we must be holy. How do we become holy? We become holy by trusting in Jesus as our savior and master. We must strive to please Jesus in all we do and say and think. Paul wrote we should abstain from every appearance of evil. 1st Thessalonians 5:22. Many things, like kissing and expecially french kissing is a warmup to s*e*x and can lead to that. "I kissed Dating Goodby" by Joshua Harris, is very thought provoking about practices most Christians think are okay but which may actually be dangerous. As Christians we should run or flee from anything which draws us into sin. Remember, God is holy. Don't let sin separate you from God. It is very thought provoking to look up hysteria and see how the medical doctors manually treated it. However, in 1920 the invention of the v*i*b*r*a*t*o*r replaced the medical doctor's vist and manual treatment of hysteria with a device any woman could use herself to treat hysteria in her own home! For a while, these devices were advertized in very respected family type catalogs and magazines. Click here for an interesting article from different perspectives on christians and masturbation followed by many thoughtful comments. Masturbation can relieve a painful condition sometimes called blue balls. Again, one needs to be careful what they think about. Why? Because we often eventually do whatever it is we are thinking of doing. First comes the thought then the action. James 1:13-15.

Intersex individuals and a possible constitutional admendment about marriage.

Years ago while waiting in a doctor's office I happen to read an article about an intersex lady born in Mexico. For many years she did not know she was intersexed. Her external sex organs were obviously female. So I assume she was listed as female on her birth certificate. She was extremely beautiful but she never menstrated. None of the females like her among her relatives were desired as spouses because they never bore children. She suspected something was amise so with the help of her parents she got to a doctor in the United States. The doctor did a detailed physical exam and ordered a DNA test. According to the doctor internally she was a he. She had no ovaries instead she had testicles. Her DNA also was male. Thats all I remember from the article. The Intersex Society of North America at has a very good site dealing with the many issues someone born intersex faces. In their faq they ask and answer the question, "Does having a Y chromosome make someone a man?" Apparently there are over 30 genes on over ten chromosomes that determine from a physical point if someone will be a fully appearing and functioning male or female. Thousands of fully appearing and functioning women have a Y chromosome and thousands of fully appearing and functioning men have no Y chromosome. I personally have no problem with a constitional admendment in the USA defining marriage as between one man and one woman if and only if appropriate, thoughtful, compassionate provisions are made for intersexed individuals.


On gun ownership and carry - please consider the following “Gun’s Banned in Britain; Crime Soars at and Quick Gun Facts at

War coming to the mainland of America

Many prophets have prophesied China and Russia and I think 6 other countries will attack us. records some of the prophecies. One man received some prophecies and an angel in the background kept saying whoa 2012. So I’m wondering if that’s when it will happen. Note added 9/26/2013, obviously it wasn't.

The Homeless

A word on the Homeless. Often the homeless end up getting robbed or losing their picture ID and important papers. Without a picture ID they can’t get work even at a Day Labor place. Without a job and money and an address they can’t get their birth certificate, social security card, etc. Also by law in America a social security card can only be issued I think 10 times. What are the homeless who are sometimes often robbed to do? They have no proof of residency. Some have severe mental processing problems. Some have drug and alcohol addictions. It is very hard for them to get to the various offices like social security, DMV, they need to as they lack transportation. If I remember correctly, at least one state has passed a law or state constitutional admendment that religious organizations or institutions can house the homeless in tents on land they control or own. The govering localities must allow this but can have applicable regulations governing safety and security. Tent cities often employ dumpsters and portable potties. Sometimes they have fences around their tents and their own trash patrols, and well as self governing bodies. In the future, one way you could really help the homeless is to encourage each city to have a staffed place where the homeless could appear in person telling them they were homeless and get help in obtaining and filling out the required documents so they could get the required ID so they could get work. (If legal, that place could be the address for homeless people in that area. They wouldn’t need to live there but I think it would help the homeless greatly if they could keep some of their important papers locked up there.)

How much tax should the very rich pay?

Warren Buffet wrote an article titled, "Stop Coddling the Rich". Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in the world. His point was the super rich can easily afford to pay a higher portion of their income in taxes than can the average or low income person. On the other hand, if a state or country, raises taxes on the rich too much, many of the very rich will just leave that state and sometimes they will even leave the country. Apparently in the USA many politicians have signed a no new taxes pledge. I think that pledge should be good for just that one term. I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Evidently because of that pledge or viewpoint it has been decided new roads, bridges, and tunnels will not be paid for and built by merely raising the tax on gas a few cents instead these things will be built mainly by private companies. These new roads, bridges, etc., will be paid by local residents and businesses forking over thousands of dollars every year to use them. This will likely result in many businesses and residents fleeing these areas. I doubt new businesses will be attracted to areas affected by these new tolls.

Baptism where immersion seems impossible

I believe when people were baptized in the New Testament they were immersed into the water and then they came out of the water. This pictured the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. However, there are prisons today in some countries where this seems to be impossible. As I was thinking about this God reminded me how Paul wrote the Hebrews were baptized as they crossed the Red Sea, although they didn’t even get wet. 1st Corinthians 10:1-2. The water surrounded them as there was water around them via the sea and above them via the cloud. If one is ministering in a prison where immersion seems impossible they could take one or more large sheets and soak the sheet/s in water. Then baptize the person who wants to be baptized by surrounding them with the water saturated sheet/s as you say the appropriate saying over them.

Life after death experiences

I have really learned a lot about what happens after death from reading the experiences of many people who died and then came back at and and and watching many life after death testimonies on youtube.