Lessons I learned from my fasts.

Years ago, when I was in my twenties, primarily for health reasons I underwent 
a long fast. I fasted for 42 days. I only drank water. I went from around 160 
pounds to just under 100 pounds. I also got anemic. I'm sure it was because I 
hadn't been eating my vegetables, especially the green leafy kind before I'd 
began to fast. So my red blood cells weren't very long lasting. I also failed to 
go for walks during that fast. So due to a lack of maintance exercise my 
muscles atrophied. Ever since then when I'd try to fast I would become weak 
and dizzy, then I'd quit. 

However, this time I knew I was fasting for a much better reason. This time I was fasting for a purely spiritual reason. I wanted God to bless me with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1st Corinthians 12:8-10. Why? Because it has been my prayer for years that God would use me to help many people around the world to come to trust in him and in his Word. I felt the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit could greatly empower me to do that. I started my fast Friday morning Sept 20, 2002. Miraculously, I experienced no weakness, dizziness, or hunger well past the 4th day of my fast. I drank lots of water. I read and studied lots of the Bible. I also compiled the article Fasting verses in the Bible. Following Miss Judy's advice I got a note book and recorded all my prayer requests, and many thanks and praises. I then prayed earnestly to God every day, at least once and often twice a day. I got on my knees and knelt at my bed with my shoes off. I remembered God told Moses to take his sandles off his feet for the place upon which he was standing was holy ground. I also read one or two other Christian books. I resolved to use my time wisely instead of wasting it watching TV. I determined to examine my life for sin, repent of it, ask and claim God's forgiveness for it and His power over it. 1st John 1:7,9. I know at least two of my Christian friends were praying for me during my fasting time.
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I had lost 30 pounds at the start of day 20 of my fast. I have been taking a lot of annual leave so I've only had to work two or three nights a week. The night right before the start of my 29th fast day, as I was at work, I was very tempted to end my fast. I wasn't hungry. I just missed eating and fellowshiping with others while eating. Finally I came to my senses and asked myself some questions. 1) Have I received the major spiritual blessing I'm asking for? No. 2) Are there physical reasons to continue fasting? Yes. According to the height and weight charts, I need to lose around another 40 pounds. The body does some of its best and deepest clean only towards the end of a long fast. 3) Is there any physical reason for me to stop fasting? No. I'm not anemic, and a visual look shows I still have lots of fat left. After thinking about the above questions and answers I decided to continue fasting.
The morning of my 29th fast day my energy level dropped quite a bit for some reason. I also got dizzy and had to lay down for around 20 minutes. So I decided there was a physical reason for me to end the fast as I am remodling and repairing various parts of my house and need the energy to complete the work. When I started eating I did not see to it that I got a lot of fiber with my food. My digesting tract hadn't worked for over four weeks so when my body's exhaust started to leave my body a part of my exhaust system wanted to leave with it. Quickly realizing that, I used A & D ointment and took two heaping tablespoons of metamucil in a large glass of water. I did the same thing again about 12 hours later. I began to feel much better. I've decided the next time I break a long fast I will use metamucil at least once or twice to get my digestive tract used to handing fiber before I introduce our regular food. Or I may consume shreded coconut with adequate crushed pineapple in order to get my exhause system working again properly. I know Jesus and the people and the Bible didn't have or use metamucil, etc., but their food did have a lot more fiber in it than our food does.
How fast we go back to old bad habits. At work today I drank a soda almost every time I ate. I ate at every break. Two bad habits I need to break. I want to drink only water and I want to leave at least four hours between my eating times. On the bright side I haven't eaten any sweets! Today, 21 Sept, I bought vegetables and put a lot of Romaine lettuce in my homemade sandwich.
What spiritual benefits did I gain from my latest fast? I learned how to pray a lot more effectively. I now approach God and focus on him solely and entirely, the way I want someone I really care about to listen to me. I spend more time listening to what God says in his Word, the Bible. I have started to memorize scripture again. I know God has not yet given me the primary thing I was asking for, but last night I listed over 13 secondary answers to prayer God granted me during my fast. I could have listed more but I stopped once that became obvious to me. In addition to the spiritual benefits, I received some great physical benefits from fasting.
I am looking forward to fasting again.
It is now Saturday 30 August 2003. I have had several short fasts but now I believe God wants me to complete a complete fast. That is where you fast until true hunger returns. That's why the Bible says Jesus fasted for 40 days and afterwards was hungry. I have a itchy rash that has quickly spread primarily through itching to various parts of my body. I started on my water only fast yesterday, 29 August, around 7 PM. Today around noon I had a slew of pills (herbs). Bad idea. My hands and then my feet swelled up. The next day I took around 2 B-complex, 2 gama E, and 2 GLA/DHA pills to reduce the swelling. I don't plan on taking any more pills until after my fast has ended. I weigh 224 pounds. I am using cold water and extra strength Gold Bond body powder to help control the itching from the fungus or yeast infection.
It is now Sunday 21 September 2003. I have almost completed 23 days of fasting. I've lost 35 pounds. I have not been hunger and my energy level has been high enough to allow me to work. I have been working, praying, reading several chapter of the Bible daily, and reading other Christian books. I have been sorting and organizing around my house. I've made a list of what I want to eat and cook when I start eating again. I've also made a list of things I need to stay away from like milk shakes, sweet drinks, desserts, and sodas. We need to take good care of the bodies God has given us. I pray daily for the main things I am fasting for. I learned if one's energy level drops too much it might be brought back up by adding a little bit of nonsweetened cranberry juice to one's water. So far I have not needed to do that. But I'm ready this time, just in case!
I ended up using some nonsweetened cranberry juice two or three times. I broke the fast on the 32nd day.
Judge carefully what you think God is telling you. If you think God is telling you to do something that is against what he has already said in the Bible, you are wrong. God cannot lie. God will not go against his principles in his word the Bible. We are to love others and be good to them and ourselves. We are not to harm others or ourselves. We are to be willing to suffer persecution with a good attitude for the sake of the gospel. Not every voice or thought we get is from God. People do have audio and visual hallucinations. The cause can be physical or even chemical. I know someone who had audio and visual hallucinations because a verterbra was pressing on the occipital nerve going up to his brain stem. He also had headachs that lasted for around 4 secounds and moved from the front of his head to the side of his head. A chiropractor adjusted his vertrabra and his hallucinations, headachs, memory problems, vertigo, etc., went away. The military also has a device where they can transmit a persons voice to you inside your ear. A lack of a particular B vitamin may make one appear to be crazy. Other things including a lack of sleep may cause hallucinations. Always judge everything against what God has already said in the Bible.
A while ago, the thought came to me, "Do you love me more than food?" I think God sometimes asks us, "Do you love me more than the TV, your leisure time, your sleep?" I heard about a preacher who was unable to cast out an evil spirit until he had fasted a few days. It seems he was too full of food.
Cautions to consider when fasting.
I recently, Sept of 2018, found out it can be very dangerous to drink a lot of distilled water. One lady drank 3 gallons of distilled water in a short period of time. Distilled water has no salt in it. Water is attracted to salt. So the distilled water went from her stomach to her other body organs including her brain. Her brain swelled up so much she died.
When you break your fast be careful you don't suddenly eat too much food. Refeeding too much too soon can result in death. It is called Refeeding Syndrome. Here is a video about a starving mom who suddenly ate too much and almost died. You can type in refeeding syndrome at youtube and discover a lot more about this syndrome.

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