Four Lights

By Wayne Mckellips. Copyright 1998 & 2012. Updated 8/22/2012. Copy and use 
as desired but do not sell. You do not have permission to mirror this 
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I need three teenage volunteers. Thanks for volunteering guys. Line up here, facing the crowd. Hold these candles. Now, let me light them. These three flickering lights stand for the life's led by three fictious individuals I'll call Reggie, Nick, and Sandra. The fourth light stands for your life.

Reggie's Light

Reggie heard the gospel and he even thought it was true. But he didn't 
want to stop enjoying life yet. After all he was too young. He figured 
he'd enjoy himself first, and then get "religious" and settle down when 
he got older. That way, he could have fun and still go to heaven. 
Unfortunately for Reggie, things didn't work out that way. Reggie was 
driving to High School when a pickup ran a stop sign and ploughed into 
his car. Reggie was killed instantly. (Blow out the first light.) One 
minute he was in his car listening to his favorite rap song. The next 
he was out of his body looking at his dead body. "No," he screamed, "I'm 
to young to die. What will happen to me now?" "But the cowardly, unbelieving, 
abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars 
shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which 
is the second death." Revelation 21:8 NKJV

Nick's Light

Nick heard and understood that he could be forgiven of his sins and 
saved by trusting in Jesus as his Lord and Savior when a Christian 
friend at school told him about Jesus. His friend asked Nick if he'd 
like to ask Jesus to be his Savior and new master. Nick sure wanted 
Jesus to be his Savior. He wanted to go to heaven. But he wanted to be 
his own master. He didn't want Jesus spoiling his fun. He figured he'd 
turn to Jesus when he was older, much older. Nick lived life hard and 
fast. He experienced all the pleasures the world could offer. He lied 
and stole, mostly for the thrill of it. He drank, did dope and had sex 
with a lot of different women. Talk about swearing! Nick could make a 
sailor blush. His friends all admired Nick for his ability to swear 
so artfully. They admired his skill at shoplifting. They even sought 
his advice on how to seduce women. Yes, Nick was admired and looked 
up to. Life was good to Nick, or so it seemed. He became wealthy and 
even married a beautiful wife. Nick's home was the scene of many wild 
and I do mean wild parties. Yet, Nick was looked upon with respect in 
the community. Nick even joined a church, for appearance sake. Nick 
was always chasing after some pleasure. That was his goal in life, to 
experience all the pleasures he could. He experienced a lot of 
pleasures, but no lasting happiness. Oh well, maybe he would be 
content when he got that bigger boat or house. Selfish Nick got the 
bigger boat and house, he even got a prettier wife but contentment and 
happiness still eluded him. So many things, so many temporary pleasures, 
but no inner peace. Death finally took Nick when he was 60. 
(Extinguish the second light.) He'd forgot all about Jesus by then. When his 
spirit left his body and he discovered he was dead he thought, "I wonder what 
will happen to me now?" Then shall he say also to those on the left hand, 
Go ye from me, the cursed, to the fire, the age-during, that hath been prepared 
for the Devil and his messengers; Matthew 25:41 YLT

Sandra's Light

Sandra's mom carefully explained the gospel to her once again. Sandra 
was only eight years old. In child like faith Sandra asked Jesus to be 
her Lord and Savior. She knew Jesus had left his wonderful home in 
heaven to come to earth to die for her. She knew he had taken her 
punishment for sinning for her. Jesus was, as her mom said, her 
substitute.She knew she was all clean and could enter heaven because 
Jesus' blood had washed her clean. When she was 15 Sandra's head began 
to hurt really bad on a Friday. Sandra told Jesus her head hurt. She 
told Jesus everything. She even told her parents how bad her head hurt. 
They put her in the hospital right away. The doctor's told her she had 
an inoperable brain tumor and would probably die before the week was over. 
Sandra told her parents and all her friends to not worry about her because 
she would soon be with Jesus. She led several more of her friends to 
Jesus. Thursday Sandra saw a special visitor in her room. She smiled 
when she realized who it was. It was an angel. (Extinguish the third 
light.) The angel took her through some kind of tunnel to Jesus. 
Sandra heard the angels singing. The warmth and love of Jesus soon 
surrounded her. Shortly after that, she was rejoicing with some 
Christian friends who had already died. She was so glad she had 
chosen to trust Jesus and walk with him as her Savior and Lord.

Your Light

Which of these three people will you be like? That is, which of these 
three people are you like? Are you on your way to heaven? Is Jesus your 
Master and Savior? Or are your friends and your own pleasures more 
important than Jesus and what he did for you? Some day, maybe today, 
maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days, or a few years, your light will 
extinguish. Only God knows when you will die. (Extinguish the fourth light.) 
Then you will either go right to heaven or you won't. If you want to ask Jesus 
to be your savior and Master bow your head and pray along with me.

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