Has Noah's ark been found in Turkey?

Noah's ark is not entombed in ice on Mt. Ararat as claimed by some. 

However, the video "The Discovery of Noah's Ark" presents evidence that you can visit the remains of Noah's ark today in Turkey, in the mountains of Ararat, 17 miles South of Mt. Ararat at the base of Mt. Judi (Al Judi), resting at 6000 feet. The mountains of Ararat refer to an area not a specific mountain. 2 Kings 19:37. Jeremiah 51:27.
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The physical evidence for the ark includes large anchor or drogue stones with corresponding sized curved holes for ropes which are near the ark but many miles from the nearest sea. In his excellent book "The Ark of Noah" David Fasold says these drogue stones are east of the ark. I like to think of the drogue stones as capsize prevention stones. There are also several pieces of sections, of the material that may have covered the ark, there. These pieces are thick and hardened but appear to be very light and strong. Remember the words "gopher" actually unknown but transliterated gopher and "ets" translated wood in Genesis 6:14 can also mean "reed stalks." I believe the ark was covered with reeds which were well coated with a binding, sealing, and I think strengthing, solution. My understanding is that the final product was a type of cement. David Fasold goes into this in convincing detail in his book, "The Ark of Noah." Also, a wooden boat longer than 300 feet is considered unsafe in the oceans.
Several tests on the artiface itself indicate the remains are those of a completely decayed large boat the dimensions of Noah's ark. That is, provided the cubits recorded in Genesis for the ark refer to the Egyptian cubit which was 20.6 inches and the width of the ark was computed according to its volume.
It's believed the ark was not rectangular but was built like the Egyptain Nile boats of long ago whose two ends were curled up and back toward the deck. It's also felt the ark had a moon pool inside it. A moon pool can provide ventilation inside a boat. It can also absorb the top part of a wave so the ends of a large boat don't end up sticking out of the water as the boat rides on the top of a wave. It's also believed Noah's ark had a roof which would have helped accumulate rainwater for cleaning and drinking. Although it rained continuously for 40 days and nights, it must have also rained on and off throughout the year they were in the ark. The Hebrew word "tsohar" translated "window" in Genesis 6:16 can also mean "roof."
You can order the VHS video "Discovery Of Noah's Ark," or, Fasold's book, "The Ark of Noah" through http://www.eskimo.com/~dwpatten/index.html Or you can write: Pacific Meridian Publishing Company 13540 39th Ave N.E. Seattle WA 98125
The government of Turkey has officially determined the artifact is in fact Noah's ark. They have credited Ron Wyatt with giving the evidence proving it is Noah's ark. Ron, now deceased, has printed infomation and many videos on Noah's ark and many other events in the Bible. I found his very interesting site at: http://www.wyattmuseum.com
I should also say that there are those who view Ron's conclusions with skepticism. I think hope, trust, and skepticism are all important with dealing with people, as one searches for the truth. If one should embellish a real story or find, that doesn't make the real find or story any less real.

The Surprising Scope, Timing, and Duration of Events in Noah's Flood.

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Intro: For a long time I thought the flood waters destroyed all air breathing life on earth, except for those in the ark. However, there are a number of scientific problems with the idea that Noah's flood covered the entire earth. There are also some serious scientific problems with the idea that a preflood water vapor canopy supplied the water to cover all the mountains of the world, including Mt. Everest.
I now believe Noah's flood affected the earth and in the end filled the land of Turkey up with water. As 1st Samuel 30:16 shows sometimes "the whole earth" or "all the earth" can refer to a country or land area. The word translated land or earth in 1st Samuel 30:16 is the main one of the two words used in Genesis when talking about the extent of Noah's flood. Either Hebrew word "erets" or "adamah" can refer to a country, land, etc. In the New Testament "world" from "cosmos" can refer to world in a narrow or in a broad way. John 12:19 is an example where it was meant in a narrow sense. I think the flood waters destroyed all air breathing life that was on Noah's land mass. I also don't think the flood was caused by an overflowing river or why build an ark? Why not just move yourself and the animals to higher land? I think the flood covered the tops of the mountains Noah was able to observe in his "erets" or country.
You can verify the following Hebrew words can be translated as I have suggested by looking them up in www.blueletterbible.org, then clicking on "C", then clicking on specific Hebrew words. They will have a H followed by a number. You can also use Hebrew dictionaries like, "The New Strong's Complete Dictionary of Bible Words." You can also verify much of what I'm saying by reading the appropriate passages in "The New Jerusalem Bible" and "The New English Bible." I believe these events are written as Noah saw and recorded them from the ground and then the ark. Much of this is from Noah's viewpoint on the ark!
1) God tells Noah to make an ark of ("gopher" "ets" reed stalks). The ark is to be coated inside and out with "kopher" which probably bound the reed stalks together and made the ark strong and leak proof. "Kopher" may have been a coating consisting of lava, pumice, etc. Looking at sections of what may be "Kopher" siding from Noah's ark in the video "The Discovery of Noah's Ark" leads me to believe this covering was very strong, light and several inches thick. God also tells Noah to load the ark with enough food to provide for him and the animals. God also says that Noah will be saving the animals and birds of the ("adamah" country or land), in pairs. A pair is a male and a female. The Bible does not say how old Noah was when God talked with him. Genesis 6:14,21,19-20. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim, a type of Noah, tells Gilgamesh he Utnapishtim was told to tear down the reed house and build a large boat for the comming flood. The text seems to imply he was to build the boat from the reeds in the reed house he was told to tear down. Because he did that, according to the story all mankind and all the animals were not killed by the flood.
2) Noah, hopefully his family, and anyone he may have hired, work on the ark until it is finished. The Bible does not say how many years or months they worked on the ark. Noah may have built the ark in Bolovia, or Spain, or even Turkey.
3) With only 7 days before the flood comes, God instructs Noah to load the ark with seven pairs of clean animals and birds and a pair of unclean animals. After doing this Noah, his wife and his three sons and their wives, that is eight people are to enter the ark. I think Noah loaded the ark with animals obtained from his whole "erets" or land. Genesis 7:1-4. 1st Peter 3:20.
4) Noah does as God commanded him. Genesis 7:5.
5) The 7 days are up. Noah is 600 years old. It is the 17th day of the 2nd month. The fountains of the ("rab" abundant in quantity, number, size, etc,) ("tehom" the deep, the main sea, that is the oceans), were ("baqa" broke forth, or opened). It also began to rain for 40 days and nights. I think Mars orbited the Earth in a very elliptical somewhat geostationary orbit probably between 40 and 150 times. Genesis 7:11-12.
Genesis 7:20 tells us that the waters prevailed 15 cubits upward; and also that the mountains were covered. David Fasold has a convincing argument that "15 cubits upward" simply means it was 15 cubits from the bottom of the ship to the top of the water. See "The Ark of Noah" by David Fasold page 166. Water covered the whole "erets" country, or land.
The ride got pretty rough. Genesis 8:9. Genesis 7:18. Once Mars reached escape velocity and proceeded on the extremely high water level went back down. However, the ark was now trapped along with volumes of water inside the Anatolia plateau in Turkey which is completely surrounded by Mountains. It took the waters inside Turkey many days to drain out through the openings in the mountains.
6) Sometime after the 40 days and nights of rain, Noah opened the roof and sent out first the raven and then later the dove. I believe the 40 days here takes us back to the 40 days of rain that began when the flood started. Genesis 8:6-12. Genesis 7:12,17. In his book "The Ark of Noah" David Fasold explains the job of the raven and the dove. Hint - think of lookouts, radar, and carrier pigeons.
7) The Bible tells us after 150 days Noah's ark "nuwach" rested in the mountains of Ararat. David Fasold in "The Ark of Noah" explains that saying a ship "rested" or is at rest can be the same as saying it is moored and no longer underway. Genesis 7:24; 8:3-4. Regardless of whether or not David Fasold currently believes the object in question is Noah's ark, David's Fasold's book, "The Ark of Noah" is full of valuable and enlightening information.
8) On the 1st day of the 10th month the tops of ("har" mountains or range of hills) was seen. Remember, these were seen by Noah from the ark. Genesis 8:5 David Fasold suggests that eventually they cut off some drogue stones or anchor stones and (let them fall) from the ark. The ark then drifted eastward to where it is now. According to the VHS video "Discovery Of Noah's Ark" there are many huge anchor stones with there peculiar shapes not very far from the object they believe to be the remains of Noah's ark. One of the anchor stones weighs around 10 tons. These drogue stones are around 6000 feet above sea level and many miles from the nearest sea. Some of the stones still have their tops which contain a curved hole.
9) On the 1st day of the 1st month, Noah opened the roof and looked and saw the ground was dry. Genesis 8:13.
10) On the 27th day of the 2nd month, Noah and all the animals and birds leave the ark. The remains of the ark are believed to be in Turkey at the base of Mount Judi about 17 miles south of Mount Ararat. Genesis 8:14-19.

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